SDPD Releases Footage of Arson Attack on Talmadge Business

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Police released surveillance footage of a man on a bike who set fire to a Talmadge business earlier this month.

The fire completely gutted a small alterations shop forcing it to close for good.

San Diego Police Department investigators are hoping the new video evidence will lead them to the suspect, and the community is hoping police can take an arsonist off the street.

Fifteen-year neighborhood resident Akheel Gilliam had to see it in person to believe someone would target the small alterations business.

“It’s dangerous having a person like that doing things like that. You know someone could have been in the building or something like that,” Gilliam said.

As for why someone would target the shop, Gilliam’s guess was as good as anyone’s.

“It really didn’t make any sense that they would do something like that. It’s unfortunate to the woman who owned the business and the community that comes to shop a lot,” he said.

That woman he’s speaking of is Anne Chen. She’s ran the business for more than 20 years. Her shop, and all the other businesses in the shopping center have been closed since the Jan. 12 arson attack.

"No more. No more. I can't work anymore,” Chen said crying the morning of the attack.

Chen’s shop won’t be reopening, but others in the center are waiting for the green light.

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