Explosives Don't Stand a Chance

San Diego Fire Department more prepared than ever

The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department has received a $5,400 grant package that's allowed them to purchase new Bomb Squad response equipment. They now have the most high-tech equipment available.

Thursday, Fire Chief Tracy Jarman will announce the arrival of the grant that will allow for the purchase of a high-tech "disrupter", a device that allows bomb-squad personnel to remotely set off explosives.

"One important component of this grant package is a new high-tech disrupter, which is a remote standoff device used by bomb squad technicians to render a potential explosive to be safe," said Fire Chief Tracy Jarman.

The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department is one of the few fire service-based bomb squads in the nation and are responsible for all explosives incidents in San Diego. As technology continually evolves and threats become more dangerous, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department will now have the means to protect the county with the most up-to-date equipment, thanks to the grant awarded by BB&T Insurance Services and Fireman's Fund Insurance Company.

"We're proud to help San Diego Fire-Rescue in such a tangible way, knowing this equipment will be used to save people and property for many years to come," said Jim Bayne of BB&T Insurance Services. "Oftentimes, budget restraints prevent departments from purchasing all the equipment they would like, so we hope this donation will make a difference."

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