San Diego

101-Year-Old, SDFD Firefighter Go Head to Head in Ping Pong

Firefighters noticed the woman had no opponent so one of them grabbed a paddle

When a couple of San Diego's bravest responded to a call at a retirement community and noticed a resident playing ping pong by herself, they knew just what to do.

San Diego Fire Department Engine Co. 33 responded to a medical call at the community on Tuesday. After loading their patient into an ambulance, they saw the woman with her ball and paddle in hand but no one to rally with.

Staff told the firefighters that the patient was 101 years young and always looking for a worthy opponent, so firefighter Nick Plancich took the bait.

In a single rally caught on video, it was made clear that Plancich was no match for his formidable opponent.

Clearly taking it easy, the young lady entertained a handful of Plancich's returns. Then he lobbed one up high and soft, which she took as an invitation to slam shot him into next week.

Her right-handed, over-the-top smash seemed like it might have registered on a seismograph. The ball zoomed by the firefighter in a blink and ricocheted off several walls in the game room.

"FF Nick Plancich says she's got skillz!" the department tweeted Wednesday along with the video.

Thanks Engine Co. 33 and SDFD!

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