SD Workforce Partnership Shares Tips For Unemployed During Coronavirus Pandemic

According to the San Diego Workforce Partnership, a non-profit that helps job searchers, there have been at least 30,000 layoffs in the county in the last few weeks

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The San Diego Workforce Partnership has been inundated with calls from both employers laying off their workers and people who say they're out of work. They say even though the jobless numbers are going up, the number of jobs on their career portal is going up too.

"On our site, the 300 plus jobs posted are from employers like Home Depot, Amazon, and even Qualcomm. So it's a broad mix of work, some that's remote, but a lot of it is going to be hands-on," said Peter Callstrom, CEO of the San Diego Workforce Partnership.

But for many who filed for unemployment like the co-owners of Mid Century furniture store in Hillcrest, searching for a job right now doesn't make any sense. They've had to close their doors in recent weeks to adhere to the stay-at-home order and now their business is down 95%.

"It's been stressful to see our numbers down to essentially zero, so when the door shuts and people can’t walk in that front door, we’re out of business," said Blake Macaluso, one of the co-owners.

Dan Reeves, the other co-owner of the Mid Century says he can't look for outside work because of health concerns.

"I’m in a situation where I’m personally immunocompromised so going out into public is a rare thing for me right now," he said.

The Workforce Partnership encourages people to continue checking their website for more updates on assistance from the local and federal governments.

They also suggest taking some time to take advantage of free online training that might help beef up your resume and to continue to check back in on their career portal for new openings.

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