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Woman Shot in Lincoln Acres, Officers Take Suspect into Custody Following SWAT Standoff

The victim's condition is unknown

A shooting suspect was taken into custody without incident following a SWAT standoff in the 2800 block of Prospect Street Monday by 7:30 p.m., according to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department (SDSO).

A female victim had been transported to Scripps Mercy Hosptial with a gunshot wound to her stomach at around 4 p.m. just before the standoff.

Deputies say the victim was a former love interest.

The standoff ended as deputies fired three non-lethal shots at the suspect and took him into custody.

Family members of the suspect, a wheelchair-bound man in his 30s, say they have no idea what set their cousin off.

Some were upset that deputies wouldn't allow them past the crime scene tape so that they could talk to their loved one and calm him down.

"They wouldn't let us in," cousin Vanessa Panza said. "I tried calling him at least -- I don't know how many times and he wouldn't answer."

As deputies surrounded the home, they were able to keep an eye on the suspect through the open front door. They say he refused to come outside, but repeatedly wheeled himself up to the front door and retreated back.

During the standoff, neighbors were told to shelter in place.

One neighbor told NBC 7 that this incident wasn't the first time a woman at the home found herself in apparent trouble.

Seth Vanegas said that recently a woman came up to his house and banged on the door, saying people in the home were trying to kidnap her and that she needed help.

"Whatever they say happened, they're going to assume that he's a bad person," Panza said. "But he's not a bad person. He's a very good person."

No other information was available.

Note: This article previously referred to the location as National City. 

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