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San Diego Hikers Stranded in Baja Now Back Home

"Everybody is good and strong, they’re ready to be home, very anxious to be home," said Debbie Milligan-Fox

Three hikers who were stranded in Baja for over a week were back home in San Diego County Friday evening.

Earlier in the day, NBC 7 spoke to Debbie Milligan-Fox, the wife and mother of the three hikers.

"Everybody is good and strong, they’re ready to be home, very anxious to be home," said Debbie Milligan-Fox.

Morgan Fox, 61, and his daughters Claire, 23, and Maura, 20, left for a hiking excursion in Baja on June 20. They planned to hike the challenging trail of San Pedro Martir known as Picacho Del Diablo.

The trio was supposed to be back in San Diego by Sunday, Milligan-Fox said.

"I hadn’t heard anything, then my head starts to spin and my mom instinct comes out and I start worrying," she told NBC 7.

She reported them missing on Monday. 

The trio was found by a rescue team on Tuesday somewhere off the trail. It’s not clear yet if the trio made it to the summit or the circumstances of how they got lost.

"They’re doing very well, my husband’s voice sounds really strong. And my girls both sound really strong, just anxious as you can imagine, to get home," said Milligan-Fox.

Rescuers dropped down water, but the trio was difficult to reach immediately because the terrain was too steep and rocky for a helicopter to land.

Milligan-Fox told NBC 7, her husband and daughters must have gone "off-trail," and that her husband had hiked the area four times and made it to the summit of The Devil’s Peak twice.

She added her husband is an experienced hiker and has hiked all over the world.

A family friend said Morgan Fox has diabetes and needs insulin for his condition, which rescue crews delivered via air, in addition to food, a glucose meter, and radio communications.

The trio was taken to the base camp of San Pedro Martir Park on Thursday at 6 a.m., and spent the night in a hotel, Milligan-Fox said.

Morgan Fox was taken to a hospital in Mexico but checked out in good health.

Milligan-Fox wanted to give credit and express her gratefulness for the efforts of rescue teams in Mexico. Social Media pages of those rescue teams showed the American hikers getting first aid at a base camp, and they appeared to be in good spirits.

Pichaco del Diablo is the highest peak in Baja, at over 10,000 feet. The Devil’s Peak trail is located over a day’s drive south of the U.S.-Mexico border.

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