SD Group Demonstrates “Enhanced Interrogation,” Calls for Awareness

A San Diego activist group spoke out against government torture programs in a colorful portrayal at Balboa Park Saturday.

Artful Activists - the same group responsible for the sign that covered Jeremy Henwood's name during a November protest - hosted the San Diego "National Day of Torture: Water Board Dick Cheney Rally" in a direct response to the recent "torture report" released by the Central Intelligence Agency.

The group's Facebook page for the event reads, "...give a little payback to the Man that defends the torture done by the United State against many throughout the world. Dick Cheney."

The "enhanced interrogation techniques" described in the Senate's report released in December have struck up much controversy, with many saying it's "flat wrong" and fabricated. Including Cheney himself.

One of those techniques, Artful Activists co-founder Chris McKay said, was rectal feeding. Something he claims no medical professional would condone.

McKay said the public needs to know that "it's obvious the CIA has failed" and called the agency "obsolete."

"The CIA was created when we had a Cold War," McKay said. "I think it's time to revamp the whole CIA system."

The group had signs posted throughout the park and demonstrated torture techniques, including tying a man with a Dick Cheney mask to a board, covering his face with cloth and pouring water over it while they screamed questions at him. A torture practice dubbed "waterboarding."

The demonstrations took place near the fountain at Balboa Park between noon and 2 p.m.

San Diego Veterans for Peace, San Diegans for 9/11 Truth, The Anti-Media, The Conscious Resistance Network, The Solutions Institute, The Houston Free Thinkers and several other organizations against the silence about the CIA's report also called on people around the world to organize actions in their neighborhoods to stand against the government's practices.

Non-profit Hustle for Humanity partnered with The Global Day of Action Against Torture to raise awareness through the "Hustle for Humanity 30 Seconds Waterboard Challenge" which offers willing participants $300 if they can make it through 30 seconds of "properly applied" waterboarding.

Participants who don't last the full 30 seconds agree to donate $30 to the cause as part of their nationwide awareness campaign.

The official video, which went viral and struck up the challenge, can be seen here.

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