SD Explained: The Promise of Police Body Cameras

Depending on what part of San Diego County you’re in, the local police are likely either wearing body cameras or considering getting them.

The San Diego Police Department currently has 800 officers on city streets with body cameras, which means they’re well on their way to meeting the goal of outfitting all officers by the end of the year.

The use of body cameras by SDPD officers was approved in 2014 amid complaints of misconduct and racial profiling. While the cameras have been linked to a decrease in complaints, the technology hasn’t done much to improve transparency.

How those cameras are used and whether the footage should be released to the public remains controversial.

NBC 7’s Monica Dean and Voice of San Diego’s Liam Dillon discuss which police agencies are already using body cameras and what you need to know about them. That’s this week’s San Diego Explained.

Last year, the San Diego Police Department became one of the first large departments in the country to outfit its patrol officers with body cameras. The initiative came in response to concerns about officer misconduct and racial profiling. In this week’s San Diego Explained, NBC 7’s Monica Dean and Voice of San Diego’s Liam Dillon detail how local departments are...
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