SD Explained: Placing the Blame for El Nino Flooding

San Diego Flooding 0106 Miramar Car Rescue 2

El Nino, the climatic force behind San Diego’s recent major storms, caused lots of local flooding.

Aside from Mother Nature, who else can we blame for our roadways becoming waterways?

City officials and state regulators are part of the problem.

The city is supposed to clear waterways to prevent flooding, but officials have only cleared a small portion of them. They say that’s because of stringent red tape imposed by the state.

State regulators and local environmentalists point fingers back at the city and its building policies.

On this week’s San Diego Explained, the Voice of San Diego’s Ry Rivard and NBC 7 San Diego’s Monica Dean dive into the El Nino flooding issue.

Last week San Diego roadways started to see some of the effects of El Nino. NBC 7’s Monica Dean and the Voice of San Diego’s Ry Rivard report on the storm brewing over who is to blame for the flooding in this week’s San Diego Explained.
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