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SD County Supervisors Unanimously Vote in Favor of Allocating $30 Million Stimulus Grants for Small Businesses

San Diego County currently does not have the funds to begin distributing the grants, but wanted to vote on the measure to be ready to allocate the money to small businesses when ready

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San Diego County Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously voted in favor of distributing $30 million in stimulus grants to local small businesses who have struggled to keep afloat during the coronavirus pandemic.

Introduced by Supervisors Terra Lawson-Remer and Joel Anderson, the push calls for the county to provide additional resources to the region’s struggling businesses. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted to pass the measure during their meeting Tuesday.

At Monday’s rally for the push, local small business owners pleaded the county’s supervisors to vote in favor of the measure.

“Every little bit we can get from the city or the government or the state really goes to help prolong the time we can just last through these hard times,” said Joe Paraiso, co-owner of La Mesa’s Brew Coffee Spot.

Although the motion has been introduced and approved, the county does not yet have the money to provide the grants. Those funds may have to come from the federal government and it is unclear when they will become available.

However, San Diego County leaders wanted to get a head start on the matter to get the ball rolling immediately whenever the funds become available.

County staff will create the grant program and each supervisors' officer will decide which businesses will get the funds.

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