Scripps La Jolla Honors Therapy Dogs and Volunteers at ‘Puppy Party’

Scripps La Jolla held its annual 'Puppy Party' to honor therapy dogs and its volunteers as part of National Hospital Volunteer Week. The event recognized pet therapy teams for their hard work across the Scripps Health system.

9 photos
Therapy dogs helps ease patients anxiety, with their caring expressions and floppy smiles like this one.
All of that hard work helping provide companionship and love to patients in hospitals left this therapy dog ready for a good, long nap.
Therapy dogs like these ones help promote patients to recover faster by improving their physical and emotional well-being.
The annual 'puppy party' is held to reward volunteers and therapy dogs for all their hard work.
More than two dozen therapy dogs mingled and indulged in their favorite doggy treats in the lawn area.
The impact of dogs on patients' health is a positive asset to Scripps La Jolla.
Adorable dogs like this one were appreciated for their special contribution to society.
Off to the side, you can notice a special hot dog grill that provided nourishment to these deserving therapy dogs.
The therapy dogs greatly enjoyed the event, along with all the dedicated volunteers who were present.
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