Scripps Health Medical Response Team Returns From Quake-Struck Nepal

The Scripps Health Medical Response Team returned from Nepal to San Diego International Airport Saturday evening amidst cheers and signs of affection.

Sarita Shakya draped each of the five team members with scarves, a good luck charm from her Native country of Nepal.

“They were able to help my country when we really need it,” said Shakya with a smile.

The team of four nurses and a team leader spent 23 days in earthquake-ravaged Nepal acting as mobile medical units in remote areas. Tents and outdoor areas served as intake and treatment centers.

The team literally, in some instances, got people back on their feet.

“To get around and walk is there life,” explained Nurse Patty Skoglund. “So we were able to cast people and give them the right supplies so they could get around and survive."

Team members say in all they helped threat 2,200 patients in 13 villages.

They shared pictures of a woman they helped helicopter out for septic shock treatment.

Nurse Debra McQuillen is happy she's home, but wishing she could do more.

“Always for better, to be home, but always have survivors guilt because we get to come home that is home for them and they have a lot of rebuilding to do," McQuillen said. 

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