What's the School Board Going to Cut?

Members of the San Diego Unified School District are holding a budget workshop on Monday and Tuesday, figuring out how to dig themselves out of a $33 million hole.

One topic of discussion will be a proposal by veteran school board member John de Beck to shorten the school year by nine days. Currently, the district has 184 days of school in the year, but the state's minimum requirement is 175 days. De Beck said the move would save the district $39 million.
Newly elected board member Richard Barrera is opposed to the idea. He said that he believes the district can save money by cutting items from the budget such as outside consultants.   
"Students need more days of school, not fewer days," Barrera said.

Last month staff  at SDUSD reported the district faces a $25 million budget gap in 2009 and are forecasting an $8 million shortfall the year after that. Read the article

Earlier this week, our media partner voiceofsandiego.org reported a committee recommended the closure of 6 schools within the district. Read the article

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