Poway Man is Saving Money by Saving Rain

Poway man saves hundreds on his water bill by harvesting rainwater

Bob Raibert loved the green grass growing in his Poway front yard when he bought his home four years ago. The affinity wore off when he got his first water bill.

“For two months it was $600,” he said. “The front yard was all grass; about 5,000 square feet of grass.”

Raipert did some research and spoke to experts.

He redid his entire front and backyard. The grass has been replaced with drought tolerant plants and artificial grass.

Raibert took his water and financial savings a step further. He also installed rainwater-catching reservoirs that would collect water off his roof to be used to irrigate his own plants.Oddly enough, he says he got the ideas from Pinterest, the social media app with do-it-yourself ideas.

He was also able to use rebates offered by the San Diego County Water Authority to recover much of his investment.

Raibert said one day of rain will allow him to turn his drip irrigation system off for three weeks. He said he won’t use the irrigation system for six months if there is a solid winter rain. It also prevents water from his property from entering the storm drains.

Now, the family man says his water bill has been cut in half.

“My water bill is showing up at about 50% less than the rest of my neighbors on this street,” he said.

It’s an economic and environmental decision he made that pays off every time it rains.

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