Sasquatch Like Bacon and Other Interesting Monsters! Facts

Did you know Sasquatch are believed to like bacon? That’s just one of the interesting facts you’ll find at the San Diego Museum of Man’s newest exhibit.

Monsters! (real or imagined) is open for this Halloween weekend when all the little goblins are thinking about vampires, mummies and other spooky things.

Stories of the Hydra and the Phoenix are on display along with images of real deep-sea creatures that inspired the Kraken.

Ben Garcia, Deputy Director, San Diego Museum of Man, said many monster tales were rooted in early discoveries.

“When people found early fossil remains, they didn’t know what to make of them,” Garcia said.

For example, a mastodon skull could’ve been mistaken for the Cyclops or some other mythical creature.

Children can not only make a monster of their own but they can also find out how to defend yourself from monsters' wily ways (hence the bacon tip).

The museum is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week excluding Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

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