City of Santee Adds Street Signs at Fatal Crash Site

New signage barring left turns is posted near West Hills HS campus

The City of Santee installed a new street sign Thursday at the intersection where a high school student was recently killed.

West Hills High School student Ryan Willweber, 17, died on May 1 when his car was T-boned as he tried to turn left out of the campus on to Mast Boulevard.


Two new signs barring left turns have been posted at two driveways leaving campus.

Just a few feet away is a floral cross planted in the median, a reminder of the tragic collision that affected students, faculty and parents.

"From a city government standpoint, we are moving at light-speed," Mayor Randy Voepel told NBC 7 Thursday.

City leaders in Santee took public comment on possible changes to the section of road ranging from new striping, flashing beacons, rumble strips or traffic lights.

Officials say there will be a change to the traffic signal at Medina Drive to allow U-turns for those people wanting to go west on Mast Boulevard from the high school.

A second traffic signal will be installed before next school year at the school's western entrance, the city said.

Also, there will be changes to the striping on Mast Boulevard in both directions to create a buffer zone between cars and bikes.

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