San Diego

Santee Firefighter Vacuums Home After Crew Tracks In Mud

Firefighters are often celebrated for their courage and fearlessness in the face of danger, but a Santee Fire Department (SFD) captain was recognized Tuesday simply for his thoughtfulness.

SFD shared the above picture of Captain Thompson vacuuming the hallway of a patient's home in a post on Facebook.

The department told NBC 7 Thompson and his crew had to climb through the window of a home on New Year's Day to get to a patient who was suffering a medical emergency. 

While trying to get into the home, the firefighters got a little bit of mud on their boots which was in turn tracked into the house.

So after finishing up with the patient, Thompson made sure his crew left the home as clean as they found it.

"When people come home from the hospital, the last thing they probably want to do is clean up a mess we created," a statement from the department said.

Thanks, Captain.

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