Santee Family Starts Food Donation in Front Yard to Help Others

Neighbors helping neighbors. It's a beautiful thing and we've seen a lot of it during this very uncertain time. Now, Santee is stepping up to help others.

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It was a way for this family to teach their two kids the importance of being there for others who may need it, and to help out their community. So they did something that really so many of us could do -- they made a resource for people to get food and supplies in their front yard.

They also wanted to make sure their neighbors felt supported and loved during this really challenging time, so they also posted signs in their front window that read “we love Santee.”

To create their food bank, the family just added a few more items to their Amazon delivery order, put them out on a table in the front yard and then watched it grow.

Several people from the neighborhood also stepped up to add to the collection and help out.

“In a time that’s scary and uncertain, there are still people that want to show you that we’re here for you and we love you," homeowner and organizer Jenny Hermeyer said. "We don’t even need to know you, we just need to know that you have a need and we’ll help you fill it."

They got the idea by seeing someone else do the same thing across the country and post about it on Facebook, so they decided to give it a try locally and get their kids involved in the whole process as well.

They make sure to keep a close eye on the food and cover up any that needs it, but anyone is welcome to help themselves.

The family's makeshift food bank is located on Beck Drive in Santee.

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