Santana HS Teens Credited for Helping Evacuate People During Apartment Fire

More than a dozen people are still out of their homes Friday night after a fire ripped through Santee Villas Apartments Thursday.

Several neighbors are now being credited with getting people out of their homes safely, but two are getting a little extra praise because they’re just teenagers.

"We got up and we saw the fire, and we didn't even communicate. It was like telepathy, we just went for it," said Santan High School ninth-grader Jack McMackin.

He and his friend Braxton are being credited for helping dozens of people to safety while a fire tore through multiple units.

They were just finishing up cross country practice at their nearby school when they saw the black smoke billowing high into the sky.

The teens sprinted across the street to help, coming just feet away from the fire.

"We started opening apartment doors and screaming ‘Get out! The building's on fire!'" explained McMackin.

Other neighbors also came to help, like Melanie Jaracz.

"It was nice of them as kids to recognize that we needed help," she explained.

Neighbors told NBC 7 that a man was burned trying to rescue his dogs. They said he was still in the hospital as of Friday night.

Sadly, his dogs didn't make it.

Some of the people who live in the same building say it'll still be a couple of weeks before they can get back into their homes.

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