SANDAG Launches Study to Ease Border Congestion

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It has all the means of transportation, a trolley line, buses and taxi service.

But with these services scattered around in one congested area, traffic flow at the San Ysidro port of entry is anything but smooth.

For a lot of commuters, it's frustrating. 

“It doesn't seem very organized over here it would make more sense if they had one place for everything. Everything is mixed up it seems at the border and they should get their acts straight,” said Eddie Michaelly, who crosses the border to see a dentist.

But those complaints are not falling on deaf ears. Elisa Arias is the Principal Planner for SANDAG.
She says the organization has launched a new study with the City of San Diego to help ease traffic flow in San Ysidro.

One of the possibilities is to build an Intermodal Transit Center.

“The idea would be that the San Ysidro Intermodal Transit Center could host all those different transit uses and be a landmark destination and provide convenient service for transit users,” said Arias.

Although that is just one of the ideas being tossed around it is already gaining support.

“If people had a choice as to whether to ride the bus and trolley. Then people who aren't going so far might choose the bus as opposed to getting on the trolley when it's crowded,” said Andrea Spurgon who takes the trolley to the border several times a week.

The study is still in the works so nothing is concrete. At this point there are no cost estimates either.

SANDAG says they want to listen to the community and hear their thoughts.

Tomorrow they'll hold their first of four public forums at Willow Elementary School in San Ysidro. It starts at 6 p.m. and all are welcome to attend.

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