SANDAG Approves Transportation Plan

The $214 billion plan would last through 2050

A Regional Transportation Plan that would improve highways, trolley lines and add jobs to the area was recently approved by the San Diego Association of Governments on Friday.

The $214 billion plan would last through 2050. Highlights include including 156 new miles of Trolley service and a new trolley tunnel downtown. The plan also hopes to improve the North County Coaster, add 130 miles of managed freeway lanes and increase $3.8 billion for bike and pedestrian projects.

Before their final vote, the SANDAG board got an earful from residents, mostly split among business and environmental interests.

“No money should be spent on new highways, but more money should be spent on trains,” Hugh Moore of the San Diego Green Party said.

But those in favor were interested in the economy.

“At the end of the day, it's all about putting people to work,” said Valentine Macedo from Laborers Union Local 89.

The plan overwhelmingly passed 18-1, with Lemon Grove being the only city against it.


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