San Ysidro School District Interim Superintendent Resigns

San Ysidro School District Interim Superintendent Gloria Madera abruptly stepped down Wednesday saying the district recently received a "negative certificate," meaning it cannot meet its financial obligations. 

"In hindsight I really have no regrets. I think it was a learning opportunity We really hope negotiations would go better but I gave it my best and that's all you can do," Madera told NBC 7.

According to her contract, she had two options: remain interim superintendent or go back to her other job as Asst. Superintendent of Educational Services, which she chose.

Her resignation will be effective on April 1.

Board member Jean Romero also resigned recently and the board approved a draft timeline of the process to fill that spot.

On May 13, if no action is taken to replace Romero, the county will call an election to fill the seat.

The announcement was made in front of at least a hundred angry teachers and parents who say they have lost all confidence in the school board.

The district's reputation has been tainted by serious budget problems and the indictment of former superintendent Manuel Paul on allegations in connection with a bribery and corruption scandal.

The San Ysidro Education Association President Carole Wallace said she does not trust the board to help find qualified candidates.

"A child doesn't bring his homework in. If he says 'Tomorrow' of course you don't believe it. You have to show me to believe it," Wallace said.

As for who will replace Madera, she suspects there will be another interim Superintendent.

The school board says it'll seek the county's help.

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