Daily Walk Leads Man to Lottery Jackpot

This lucky man's story will get most people to consider exercising

A San Ysidro man’s daily walk led him to a $500,000 pot of gold, California lottery officials said Tuesday.

Macario Encarnacion Jr. was exercising on Thursday, March 12 when he stopped by the San Ysidro Liquor on Beyer Boulevard to pick up his Daily Derby ticket.

The ticket ended up matching all three winning horses and the final race time to net Encarnacion a $512,000 jackpot.

He told lottery officials he thought the results were a mistake at first.

Now, he said he and his wife are still in shock but they’re planning on spending some money to pay off his mortgage and perhaps buy a new car before taking a little vacation.

Lottery officials say players can select three horses from a field of 12; one to finish 1st, one to finish 2nd, one to finish 3rd; and a race time anytime before 6:30 p.m. for the day’s draw.

Get results and more information at the lottery's website.

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