Suspect Identity Wanted for San Marcos Theft

San Diego Sheriff's Department is looking for information about a suspect in a package theft.

San Diego County Sheriff's Deputies are looking for a woman wanted in connection with a package theft.

The suspect was identified through a surveillance video taken at the front door of a home in San Marcos where the packages were placed, officials explained.

The video showed the female suspect knocking on the front door while attempting to use a piece of paper to cover the camera. She then picked up two United Parcel Services (UPS) packages worth an estimated value of $100 and left, according to Sheriff’s officials.

The incident occurred March 31 shortly before 1 p.m. on the 2500 block of Corbel Way in San Marcos.

The department asks anyone who recognizes this woman to contact Detective Monica Brown of the San Marcos Sheriff’s Station at (760) 510-5236.

Stealing mail or packages delivered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) is a federal offense. However, theft of items delivered by private carriers, such as UPS, is not be considered a federal offense. As a result, the suspect would face a petty theft charge, deputies said.

Officials urge individuals to remember mail safety tips to protect personal information and belongings. Requiring packages to be signed for or adding a tracking number can better safe guard parcels from theft.

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