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Doctor Surrenders Medical License in Sexual Misconduct Investigation

Manuel Tanguma III worked as a physician in San Marcos between September 2008 and November 2015

A former medical doctor who practiced in San Marcos has surrendered his medical license according to The Medical Board of California after several women accused him of inappropriate and sexual advances during office visits.

Manuel Tanguma III’s medical license was surrendered on April 17. He had previously resigned from Graybill Medical Group after allegations surfaced about his interactions with patients in the company’s San Marcos office on Rancheros Drive between September 2008 and November 2015.

The medical board found Tanguma guilty of gross negligence for failing to document the care for and making “unprofessional and inappropriate comments” to multiple patients.

He also took photographs of breasts “with his personal phone and misrepresented the purpose for which the photographs were taken,” according to the legal documents.

According to court documents, after a number of doctor visits, Tanguma “kissed her for what felt like ten minutes in a 2013 visit. When Tanguma stopped kissing [the patient], he unzipped his pants and exposed [himself] to her and commented ‘Look what you do to me. Touch it.’ [The patient] froze and was horrified.”

In the complaint to the California Medical Board, a number of other patients claimed Tanguma inappropriately touched their breasts or his own penis during exams.

One patient claimed Tanguma asked for a picture of her vagina during a 2015 office visit.

Another patient said she was shown a selfie of a man’s naked penis during a June 2015 visit with Tanguma.

Tanguma’s attorney Robert Frank told NBC 7 his client was ambushed by unfounded complaints when approached for a story in May 2016.

Documents show Tanguma also surrendered a medical license in the state of New York in connection with the investigation.

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