San Marcos School District Employee Placed on Leave

A report claims a long time custodian was the subject of a restraining order

A long time night custodian with the San Marcos School District has been placed on administrative leave but district officials are not releasing the reason for the decision.

But one published report claims the employee was the subject of a restraining order that alleged threatening statements against one of the schools in the district as well as the administrators at that school.

The stunning accusations came to light after four co-workers filed a petition for a Workplace Violence Restraining Order. The restraining order, against David Eugene Goosen, 51, was granted on April 27th.

The protection order includes a principal and former supervisor.

“He has threatened a school shooting in the past, made a death threat against a school administrator and has followed a co-worker home on multiple occasions,” writes a lawyer for the school district in the document.

In describing the respondent’s conduct, the document describes a history of aggressive and hostile behavior toward students and staff.

“His conduct has recently escalated towards his co-workers causing them to fear for their safety,” writes the school district lawyer.

The document describes an incident on April 6, 2016 when Goosen allegedly became aggressive when he could not locate a mop handle. It also details aggressive behavior toward students on two occasions.

In May 2013, Goosen allegedly kicked a student at Alvin Dunn Elementary when that student did not sit appropriately in the cafeteria.

In May 2015, he allegedly screamed at a female student, who had asked if he needed a license to drive a golf cart. The document alleges Goosen approached the student in a “hostile and aggressive manner.”

NBC 7 spoke to some parents Monday who expressed their surprise.

“Oh my goodness. There’s not a lot that I’ve heard yet, so this is news to me,” said parent Tracy Bronson.

Bronson said the allegations make her nervous and she is interested to know more.

Another court document filed on April 27th, ordered Goosen not to possess any guns or firearms.

But a court document on May 12th shows Goosen requested for a hearing to lift the order. The document also shows he was released from a Mental Health Facility on May 6th.

NBC 7 spoke to Goosen at his home in Escondido Monday. He denied all the allegations and asked to be left alone.

District spokesperson Anna Roybal said the decision to place the employee on administrative leave was made after a thorough investigation.

“As safety and security is of paramount importance to our district, we reported our findings to law enforcement and implemented other precautionary measures we believed to be appropriate,” Roybal said Monday in a statement. “Although, we can't comment on the specifics of the investigation, we're closely monitoring this situation and cooperating with law enforcement."

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