San Dieguito Union High School District

Resign? Reinstate? Parents Get Heated Over Controversial San Dieguito HS Board Members

Some parents say a SDUHSD board trustee should resign for alleged harassment and be replaced with a superintendent who was placed on leave for making racist comments during a diversity training session

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It’s a hot-button issue that has community members on both sides demanding change. 

“Michael Allman has created a divisive school board,” said Ryan Wagstaff, San Dieguito Union High School District parent. He’s created a place where bullying is a common thing.”

Constituents of SDUHSD are calling on Board Trustee Michael Allman to resign immediately following allegations of intimidation, harassment and cyberbullying.

“Allman has no business being in the district,” said Wagstaff.

Parents rallied in front of the district office Thursday night not only demanding Allman be fired, but that Superintendent Cheryl James Ward, who was placed on leave for racially-biased comments, be reinstated.

That didn't sit well with others present at the rally.

NBC 7's Omari Fleming heard from parents who gave a piece of their mind at Wednesday night's meeting.

“I am very disappointed because many of her supporters are using double standards to look at this,” said parent Hong Wu.

Ward was placed on administrative leave last month after making racially-biased comments at diversity, equity and inclusion training sessions, essentially crediting the academic success of the district's Chinese students to wealthy parents.

“She is a teacher, a professional educator, she shouldn't say it,” said Wu.

“They have every right to be hurt,” said Wagstaff. “What they don't understand is that this is part of a larger plan by Michael Allman.”

In disagreement, both sides demonstrated confrontational behavior.

Ward remains on administrative leave as Allman continues to make part of the board.

NBC 7 reached out to Michael Allman for comment but he has not responded.

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