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San Dieguito UHSD Mulling New Administration Building

Protesters met the district with a long list of reasons why a new administration building doesn't make sense

Parents and staff aren’t happy about the San Dieguito Union High School District’s idea to build a new administration building, and they raised their concerns at Thursday’s board meeting.

The list of concerns includes cost, location, traffic, necessity, and the potential for the lot where the building might go. Some also fear the project would take money out of teachers’ pockets.

Picketing staffers demanded pay raises, and parents who spoke out inside the meeting backed them.

Parent Patrick Germon told the board they should pay teachers and support staff more instead of exploring the possibility of building a new administration center.

"I would have told you guys for free that this doesn't make sense,” Germon said.

The district assured the public funding for the project would come from a loan, and not the Measure AA bond approved by voters for school upgrades. The SDUHSD also said it wouldn’t dip into funds used to pay teachers and staff.

The estimated cost for the new administration building is between $11 million and $18 million. The feasibility study was not on Thursday’s meeting agenda. During a meeting last week, the board looked at a presentation showing renderings of the new building.

The district has its eye on a field right next to the Solana Beach Library. Some in the community weren’t in favor, arguing the field, which is gated and not open to the public currently, would be better served as an open space for kids.

“In Solana Beach we have no open land. The children are getting squeezed, and now they're trying to take away their fields as well. I mean it just doesn't make sense,” Germon said.

Many also claimed the new building would cause a traffic nightmare.

The board says the new administration center would be in the middle of the district, be more inviting, and have educational services.

Since the plans are in the early phases, there is no timeline for when it might be built.

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