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San Diego's Social Calls Make Positive Impact on San Diegans

The city is offering free regular calls to people who need help finding resources or simply need someone to talk to

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Every Friday Camille Warner receives a call from a friendly voice.

“It’s nice to have that conversation with someone,” Warner said. “It’s the same woman that calls me every week and it's more on a friendly basis."

Warner is one of the 80 San Diego residents who receive a free call from the city every week.

“The call is to see how they’re doing, see if they need any resources,” said Leslie McNabb, internship and work readiness coordinator for the city of San Diego.

Along with McNabb, employees from the Parks and Recreation Department, Human Resources, and the city's libraries spent part of their day checking in with residents signed up for the social calls program. 

“It's nice for me to be able to talk to somebody else,” said Warner. 

Warner owns a small photography business but since COVID-19 forced massive restrictions, she has been unable to work. Her husband has been deployed since January. So, she's been left to take care of their 10-year-old son on her own. 

“I have a lot on the plate, making sure my kid is not only safe and healthy but also mentally healthy,” Warner said. 

She says that more than someone to talk to, with these phone calls, she's found the help she's been looking for since her husband had to leave.

“Someone else looking out for him (my son), I think that’s the best,” Warner said. “All parents could use someone else looking out for their kid."

If you would like to chat or you know someone who needs the company call (619) 236-6905 or click here.

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