San Diego's Paper Showing Its Slip

Open up Tuesday's paper and you may spot signs of the recent changes at the San Diego Union-Tribune.

A front-page story sends the reader to A10 to continue the story but you won’t find the story title. Instead, you’ll find the word “Slug” the term journalists call stories. Below that, you’ll find the phrase “Three lines of jumphed right in here, yuppers.”

Apparently the paper started a new pagination system Monday. That’s an automatic system for page layout.

You can see another sign the new system needs tweaking when you check out the Obituary page and find one with the headline “Name Nameline” and subtitle “This is a headline for a wire obituary;headline for wire obit."

The error was caught after the early edition and corrected for later editions.

The UT announced two rounds of layoffs in three months over the summer. In the announcement, the paper said its restructuring plans included changes that would "include a reduction and realignment of staffing levels."

Among the paper's plans for the future, according to the news release, were "an editorial effort that will drive more local news coverage to targeted communities in San Diego; a planned redesign of; and a substantial investment in a pagination system that will significantly streamline the newspaper's production process."

In May, the company announced that 192 positions were eliminated.

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