San Diego's Best Howl-O-Ween Bands

With Halloween upon us, we highlight some of San Diego's most spooktacular bands

Trick or treat! With Halloween creeping up on us, there's no better time to take a look at San Diego’s most spooktacular bands. They don't all have live shows come All Hallows' Eve, but these bands have the perfect sound to add to whatever party you're heading to -- whether that means a rowdy house show or a costumed venue takeover. Who are you partying with? Let us know in the comments!

  • Creature and the Woods: Always a righteously good show, this group (featuring members of Mrs. Henry, and the Silent Comedy) are the ultimate performers (and we should know, we just hosted them at our latest and greatest SoundDiego LIVE). Purveyors of sweaty, howling, haunting Americana/rock, these guys bring it every time they step on a stage. Screw the candy corn -- treat yo self to their new single "Come On Lights" instead.
  • The Creepy Creeps: Arguably the best band to see on Halloween anywhere -- ever -- this group is what the day is all about: dressing up, rocking out, dancing and having fun. Plus the music they make as their alter-ego, Creepxotica, is like instrumental tiki tunes for the walking dead -- chillingly good. Right on time, head to the Lafayette Hotel on Halloween to see 'em in action with none other than Rocket From the Crypt (see below).
  • Deep Sea Thunder Beast: For those that like their Halloween on the heavier side, Deep Sea Thunder Beast deliver the sludgiest of sludge. Simply one of the best doom-metal bands around -- this trio pumps out a wall of sound seemingly unimaginable for three people. Check out their latest album, and experience the beastly thunder at Soda Bar on Nov. 12.
  • The Frights: These guys may not legally be able to drink yet, but they’re fun with a capital F (and we should know, 'cause we booked them for our own SoundDiego LIVE Halloween party in 2013). These fellas bounce around stages like hyped-up goblins and with a record deal, a much-beloved new album, a 2016 Beach Goth slot, and a tour with FIDLAR underway, you'd be remiss if you didn't get your pre-Halloween rocks off at the Observatory with 'em on Oct. 28
  • Glass Spells: With a band name that practically demanded inclusion on this list, it'd be a bummer if their music wasn't also perfect for summoning your Halloween crazies -- but it is. Get in the ghoulish mood with their new self-titled EP (which we debuted btw, NBD) before you catch them at this year's San Diego Music Thing on Nov. 12 at U-31.
  • Grizzly Business: We can't seem to get enough of these dudes (we snagged 'em for two SoundDiego LIVE parties and one of our Harrah's Summer Splash shows in June) mainly because they're tons o' fun and they write straight-up indie-rock gems. Word on the street is a new album is imminent so don't be surprised if Grizzly's rockin' new tunes along with some rad costumed threads at the Ken Club on Oct. 28.
  • The Montell Jordans: Vying for the best band name in San Diego, these pop/punkers are relative upstarts on the scene but just got back from a West Coast tour (with one of our local faves Alive & Well) and their debut video is absolutely after our gore-loving hearts. They play the Merrow on Oct. 27
  • Rocket From the Crypt: We all know 'em, and we all love 'em. If you get a chance to see RFTC on Halloween (or, uh, ever), you take it. Their shows are nothing short of legendary, so if you were wise enough to snag tickets to their aforementioned Halloween show at the Lafayette this year, buy a lottery ticket stat 'cause you're one of the lucky ones.
  • Wild Wild Wets: It's become somewhat of a tradition now: Wild Wild Wets enlist some of their friends' bands and head into Soda Bar on Halloween to take turns covering one artist for an entire set. This year, the San Diego Freak Out maestros take on Pink Floyd, Sol Orchid cover Janis Joplin, Stalins of Sound do the Damned, and Foxine Jay and Spooky Cigarette cover Peaches. Sound like a good time? That's 'cause it is. Get tickets now.

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