San Diego Zoo's Baby Sloth Needs a Name

A new member of the San Diego Zoo’s animal ambassador team needs a name.

The baby sloth is just five months old and is undergoing training to meet people visiting the zoo. Her parents are living off-exhibit.

The sloth is mysterious to so many people, likely because it sleeps more than 15 hours a day.

But the slow-moving young sloth is a perfect way for the zoo to educate people on the dangers facing the species including deforestation, hunting, power lines and roads.

Here are your choices:

Taxonomic superorder Xenarthra comprised of armadillos, sloths and anteaters.

Spanish for sweet

(gee ON a)
Region in South America native to two-toed sloths

(soo BEE dah)
Spanish for rise, increase, ascent, and way up

Vote for your favorite here.

The animal ambassador program allows visitors to get up close with some animals while visiting the theme park.

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