Five-Month-Old Giraffe Euthanized Following Likely Antelope Attack at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

A five-month-old giraffe was euthanized at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park following a likely attack within its habitat, the park announced Tuesday.

Kumi was found with a “gore wound” to his belly in the early hours of Dec. 29, 2018, the zoo tweeted.

The safari park guessed the attack was from an antelope in the same East Africa field habitat.

“The Safari Park houses numerous species together that would live together in their native habitats, where inter-species encounters also can happen,” the San Diego Zoo Safari Park said.

Park officials assessed the giraffe’s injuries that morning and said they were not treatable.

“The Safari Park veterinary staff made the difficult decision to euthanize the young giraffe,” the zoo announced.

The park said that Kumi’s herd is “behaving normally” following his death.

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