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San Diego Zoo Safari Park Announces Names of 3 Cheetah Cubs Decided by Fan Vote

The cheetah lovers spoke and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park listened.

After running a Facebook poll to let park fans vote on names for three of its new cheetah cubs, the park announced the results Tuesday.

It introduced Tadala, Lesedi and Jabula to the world with a sweet minute-long video on social media of the cub siblings doing what they do best, which is being cute.

The park said the names are Zulu and Tswana: Tadala means "we have been blessed," Lesedi means "light" and Jabula means "rejoice".

Because of markings on their tails, keepers nicknamed the brother and two sisters “Blue,” “Purple” and “Yellow” until more proper names could be decided.

If you want to see the cubs on exhibit, swing by the park's Nairobi Station.

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