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San Diego Women Celebrate International Women's Day

San Diego women rally together for "A Day Without a Woman"

Women around the U.S. and world, including San Diego, rallied together Wednesday for International Women's Day.

Some women in more than 50 countries decided to skip work for “A Day Without a Woman” to demonstrate the critical role women play in society.

In San Diego, there were many women who participated in the day, throughout the county.

Simply Local in North Park closed Wednesday. Their store windows were covered with signs that listed all the single-owned, women run businesses in San Diego.

“Our daily operations are run by five amazing women,” read one of the posters created by store manager Michelle Kearny.

Kearny said she’s gotten a lot of support from customers.

“It could be a bit of a loss but we’re happy to do it to make a statement,” she said.

One of the vendors at Simply Local is Lindsey Warriner, who makes greeting cards.

“I had the ability to take the day off so I wanted to do that partially for myself and partially for those who want to take the day off but can’t,” Warriner said.

Warriner and Kearny spent the afternoon at UC San Diego at a teach-in. An invite on Facebook circulated inviting women to mark the day by listening to speakers on violence against women, global reproductive justice, refugee women’s health, and transgender rights.

“At least I’m like a little flag waiving person out here saying 'yay!'" Warriner said when asked about why she chose to take the day off Wednesday.

Small Bar in University Heights sponsored ‘Empowering Girls Week’ all week, in conjunction with other local businesses including Stone Brewing Co. and Duck Foot Brewing Co.

According to their Facebook post advertising the event, the movement was created to “celebrate and support women who are working to make themselves and/or our world a better place.”

A portion of select menu items sales at Small Bar will be donated to local female entrepreneurs or charities who have an emphasis on supporting young women.

Carnita’s Snack Shack owner Sara Stroud said she supported Small Bar’s choice to celebrate women.

“I just think it’s important to realize women are important,” she said. “There’s a lot of us here that actually do a lot of stuff and if we weren’t around, a lot of the businesses wouldn’t be around.”

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