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San Diego Woman Hits Home Run with Padres-Themed Face Masks

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San Diego native Denise Dingle couldn’t believe what happened when she posted a picture of her husband’s homemade Padres mask on Twitter.

“I got about 250 requests in like 20 minutes.”

The mask, which was made by her mother Karen, became an instant hit among Padres fans who hoped to land one of their own. Now hundreds do, thanks to three generations of women.

Denise’s daughter Briana suggested they start an online store. They did just that, and now ‘Karen’s Homemade Crafts’ has become a popular destination among fans. Since requests started pouring in in early April, the three women have stocked up on materials over and over, just to see their handiwork get bought up again and again. Denise says they work 6 to 12 hours a day.

As of Tuesday night their Padres masks were once again sold out.

In a little over a month they’ve sold around 600 masks. With masks now required in public, the demand remains steady. In the last week and a half they’ve gotten over 200 orders.

No surprise, the Padres mask is far and away the best seller.

I think it just goes to show how much everybody is missing baseball right now,” Dingle said. “This gives everybody an opportunity to fly their flag or show their true colors.”

#PadresTwitter has done just that. Dingle (@dDingleDesigns) has shared pictures of satisfied customers in their masks.

“It's really rewarding, it's honestly the best part of all of it.”

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