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San Diego Woman Helping Homeless Get Hotel Rooms During COVID-19 Pandemic

San Diego County says three homeless San Diegans have tested positive for COVID-19

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San Diegan Aime Zamudio is working to get hotel rooms for homeless San Diegans during the coronavirus outbreak.

Zamudio said she's worried for many who have no place to go.

"A hot shower? I'd give a million dollars for one," said Dan who has been living on the streets in Pacific Beach for the last five years.

Zamudio said this mission is personal for her because her father experienced homelessness.

"We need to make sure that they are taken care of and they are in hotel rooms and not in big spaces crammed together," said Zamudio.

Zamudio is working with community activist Tasha Williams. They are collecting donations and using that money to book hotel rooms for those in need of a place to shower or rest.

"One person we've had in a hotel room since March 15th and he is experiencing homelessness and has leukemia and was going through the struggle of finding a place," said Zamudio.

County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said the county has secured more than 2,000 hotel rooms for people who need a place to stay.

Fletcher said there are hotel rooms available for those with symptoms and those without.

Some say just the idea of a warm bed is all they can hope for.

"If I'm off the streets, I'm warm, I'm not cold and I'm looking at back surgery," said Lawrence Jackson in Pacific Beach. "I already had heart surgery, put new valves in my heart and I'm just trying to get strong again and this is what this will do for me to help me get stronger."

The City of San Diego is also working on housing homeless at the Convention Center and Golden hall in downtown.

The City says they plan to use the Convention Center as a shelter for men who do not show any COVID-19 symptoms.

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