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San Diego Woman Celebrates 107th Birthday

Gwen Bucher was born in 1913

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Gwen Bucher gets a pass.

She sat asleep in her chair as guests arrived for her birthday party. Her 107th birthday party.

Bucher perked up after a staff member at Casa de las Campanas nudged her awake as the last guest arrived. It was time for cake!

“I’m grateful I’ve had so many friends and so many years,” she said moments before her fellow residents at the senior community in Rancho Bernardo serenaded her with “Happy Birthday."

Bucher is easily the oldest resident in Casa de las Campanas, Social Service Coordinator Jennifer Yoon said.

Bucher was born on an Indiana farm in 1913 and became an accomplished piano player. She married Clum Bucher and had two sons, four grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren. Sadly, Gwen lost Clum 35 years ago.

“They have gone through so much,” Yoon said about Bucher and the other residents. “We have technology. We have advanced medicine. We have all of this new stuff and back in the day they didn’t have any of that, and they still survived.”

“What a wonderful day,” exclaimed Bucher as staff members danced with guests. “I’ve been happy to have so many years.”

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