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San Diego Unified Tries to Clear the Air by Going Electric

SDUSD awarded a $9.6 million grant for zero emission buses and machines

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The air hanging blowing between Barrio Logan and Lincoln Park isn’t great. Environmentalists said it has extreme levels of pollution.

“They’re not only the highest here in San Diego, but they’re some of the highest in the State of California,” winced Diana Takvorian.

Takvorian is the director for the Environmental Health Coalition and a member of the California Air Resources Board. The CARB recently awarded the San Diego Unified School District a $9.6 million grant to swap out some of their diesel and gas-guzzling machines for electric ones. That includes 14 electric buses, electric golf carts, and electric landscaping equipment. The buses will be used primarily to transport school children to 14 schools around Lincoln High School.

“This is a win win win!” smiled Takvorian. “It’s also great for the neighborhoods.”

“It really shows they care about us as people and want us to live healthy, fulfilling lives,” said Lincoln senior Rondale Crowder.

Crowder said there have been days when he knows the air is worse than others.

“I often feel in my chest a lot. I’m like, ‘Dang. It’s so icky,’” he said. “They’re taking a step in the right direction.”

Takvorian said she’d love to see the entire SDUSD bus fleet replaced with zero emission vehicles.

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