San Diego Trolleys Move to Argentina

They're getting a second chance at life

San Diego Trolley
NBC San Diego

After nearly three decades and more than 2-million miles of service, San Diego is saying goodbye to a few well-used trolleys.

The trolleys have been here since the San Diego Trolley was developed in the early 1980s. Now, they will be part of Argentina's newest light rail project in the city of Mendoza.

"We're very excited that we've had wonderful use. These cars have served our region well for 30 years," said Wayne Terry, Chief Operating Officer of MTS Rail.

After being loaded onto trucks, the trolleys head off to Houston where they will be loaded onto a ship bound for Buenos Aires.

"Very excited that the province of Mendoza Argentina, that they're going to get a second life there and the citizens of Mendoza are going to enjoy their services as well," said Terry.

A total of 11 trolleys were sold for $3.3 million.

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