San Diego “Trashy” Spring Break City

Are we really trashy, San Diego?

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For a few weeks every spring, co-eds look for cities where they can let loose, imbibe and take embarrassing pictures they can upload to Facebook.

This year, the website Co-Ed Magazine (which boasts the features “Thigh Highs are the Sexiest Clothing Option” and “Why She’ll Have Sex With You”) decided to list the Top Ten Trashiest Spring Break Cities.

No, you can relax, San Diego did not top the list. However, America’s Finest City did come in 10th.

The site laments the change in local laws banning alcohol on city beaches but shares this tip -- “that doesn’t mean you can’t drink in the ocean.”

Among the local hangouts suggested for Spring Break-ers: The Gaslamp, Hard Rock and the Wave House.

If you want to know the city listed as the trashiest in the U.S., Co-Ed Magazine chose Las Vegas “the home of gambling, strip clubs and anything else you can buy with money.”

Here’s the list:

1. Las Vegas
2. Key West Island
3. South Padre Island
4. Daytona Beach
5. Myrtle Beach
6. Miami Beach
7. Panama City
8. Fort Myers
9. Lake Havasu
10. San Diego

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