San Diego Teens Bringing Improv Back To The Mainstream

National Comedy Theatre hosts high school improv comedy tournament

This is a story about improv comedy. I know, you’re probably thinking it’s misplaced being on a Sportswrap website, but believe it or not, what happened over the weekend was every bit a sporting competition.

Over the weekend, the National Comedy Theatre held an improv comedy tournament for 14 local high schools that make up The High School League:

Rancho Bernardo HS, Coronado HS, Pt. Loma HS, School of Creative & Performing Arts, Bishop’s School, Patrick Henry HS, Francis Parker HS, San Ysidro HS, Mt. Carmel HS, St. Augustine HS, High Tech HS, Mt. Everest Academy, San Diego HS and The Monarch School.

The rules are simple. Two teams of four performers go head-to-head, competing for points from a panel of judges, performing skits they have to make up on the spot based on recommendations from the audience.

Think of it as Whose Line Is It Anyway? meets the NCAA Basketball Tournament. There’s even a referee keeping the games moving and awarding points along the way (by the way, all the performers were extremely funny and talented!). Sounds like a cool new thing, but this kind of event has been around for years. Centuries, really.

Bishops School and High Tech High compete in an improv game where they have to say the worst thing you can say in a given social situation.
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