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SD Teen Creates Fun Way to Keep Kids Active During Summer Months

Sixteen-year-old Kenan Pala created a way to challenge his peers and children to stay active during the summer

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Keeping children active and engaged while spending more time at home can be difficult, but one local teenager is making that his mission by putting together a challenge for his peers and kids.

Kenan Pala, 16, started a local non-profit for kids to participate in that includes activities all year long to become involved in the community.

But now, the COVID-19 pandemic has stalled his usual activities so Pala figured out new ways to help others.

Kids4Community is the name of his non-profit organization and it's found ways to keep kids active and engaged over the summer through its Local Leader Program, where kids can participate in four categories: fitness, creativity, literature and community work.

Before the stay-at-home order, Pala hosted events and put together food and care packages for homeless and low-income families in our community. Although the pandemic has stalled his work, his message still stands.

The remarkable 16-year-old told NBC 7 now is the time for kids to make it a priority to stay active and to keep on learning and growing.

Just so that kids don’t fall behind with work ethic and really no one falls behind," he said. "And that’s why I think volunteering, especially this summer, is more important than it’s ever been. Not only are you helping others but you’re also helping yourself."

There is no age requirement to join the Local Leader Program. However, these events are geared toward children between the ages of 4 and 12.

Children interested in enrolling in the initiative can click here for more information.

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