San Diego Supporters ‘Feel the Bern,' March for Bernie Sanders

To stir excitement for his evening rally, dozens of Bernie Sanders supporters marched through the streets of downtown San Diego on Tuesday morning.

The supporters began at the San Diego Civic Concourse before walking to the San Diego Convention Center, where the Democratic presidential candidate is set to speak at 8 p.m.

Wearing T-shirts and holding “Feel the Bern” signs, the voters were aiming to drum up support for Sanders, who trails his rival Hillary Clinton by about 300 delegates.

That didn’t matter to the supporters who turned out Tuesday morning.

“I live about an hour from here to be here,” Carlsbad resident Catherine O’Callahan said. “This is something really big. You know, the message. It’s a political revolution."

Many made colorful appearances. Paul Sasso painted his Tesla into a "Bernie machine," an engine-powered billboard for the candidate.

"My wife and I created this in September and then I drove it around the country the whole month of September," he said.

Then, there Nathaniel Allenby, who was dressed as Uncle Sam and was perched atop stilts for the march. He said he feels Sanders is the one to "beat Trump."

"Bernie has the voice of the people for the people and he's tickling the people's fancy and they are ready to feel the Bern," he said.

There were a few detractors at the march, calling the supporters “socialists,” but they were mainly  ignored.

Sanders’ appearance is part of his West Coast tour. Doors to the convention center open at 5 p.m and the event is free to the public.

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