San Diego Superior Court Warns of Email Scam

This is the second scam in just one month involving the San Diego Superior Court

If you get an email from the San Diego Superior Court, be warned: it may be a scam.

The San Diego Superior Court is alerting the public about a new scam involving unsolicited emails claiming to be from the court. According to court officials, several citizens have received these emails.

One person, who has an issue before the court, received an attachment with the email. That person opened the attachment and soon discovered it contained a virus.

Several concerned citizens have reported this scam to the court. Officials advise citizens not to open any attachment of link included in unsolicited emails.

“It’s important to reiterate to the public that we do not communicate with those with issues before the court via unsolicited email or telephone. If anyone tries to contact you regarding “missed jury duty” or cases of which you are unaware, you should delete the email or disregard the phone call,” said Michael Roddy, Executive Officer of the San Diego Superior Court.

At least two other courts in California – Los Angeles Superior Court and San Francisco Superior Court – have received complaints of similar frauds.

In San Diego, this is the second court-related scam within the last month.

In March, the San Diego Superior Court received complaints about people trying to defraud citizens via telephone. Posing as court officers or officials, the scammers would call people and demand money. In one case, a scam artist told a victim they had missed jury duty and owed the court nearly $800.

In that scam, the court advised anyone who received such a phone call to hang up immediately and contact police if the caller persisted.

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