San Diego Stadium Debate: What Say The Fans?

Sportswrap gives San Diegans a voice on the matter

San Diego is one of just 31 cities lucky enough to have an NFL team. But thanks to a decades-long stadium debate that may change.

Qualcomm Stadium, built in 1967, has long since passed its prime. The San Diego Chargers have been asking the city to work with them to build a new stadium for more than a dozen years. Sites have been proposed from Chula Vista up to Oceanside with a recent site by Petco Park gaining interest, but the two sides can never seem to get the plans in motion to move to a public vote.

Monday the team and task force assembled by Major Faulconer will meet in person. If a new stadium doesn’t get built the Chargers will most likely bolt to another city out of necessity. The Sportswrap crew hit the streets of San Diego to ask people if they would financially support a new stadium getting built, even at an estimated price tag of between $1-$1.4 billion ... Or if they’ve had enough and would be okay with the team leaving.

We also want to know how you feel. Do whatever it takes to keep the Chargers in San Diego? Or move on with no NFL team?

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