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San Diego Small Businesses Receive Lifeline From Government

San Diego business owners receive loans from the Small Business Administration's Payroll Protection Program.

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The first round of loans from the Small Business Administration's Payroll Protection Program helped many big businesses like Shake Shack and Potbelly's get money from the federal government, which caused outrage from small business owners who said they needed the money.

Now, some San Diego business owners told NBC 7 that they did receive loans, and they helped them save jobs and keep their businesses alive.

For example, Woodstock's Pizza received more than $1 million for its seven locations and helped preserve 320 jobs at those restaurants. The chain is still down about 40 percent in sales, but owner Laura Ambrose said the loan made a big difference.

"We were able to keep anybody that wants to work, working, and gradually we’re building our business back up," Ambrose said.

Angela Sandoval, who owns Alcove Wine & Beer, received more than $13,000 from the PPP. She has owned her restaurant only since December and said that the loan helped her keep her cook on the payroll.

"I was super-relieved," Sandoval said. "I mean, I couldn’t believe that I actually got someone to answer me."

According to the SBA, the average PPP loan in the second round was $79,000 and more than 320,000 loans were given to businesses in California.

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