San Diego Set to Sue State

San Diego -- and dozens of other counties -- are expected to sue the state of California.

A lawsuit will be filed Friday on behalf of San Diego and 29 other counties to force the state to continue making welfare and foster-care payments, according to County Supervisor Dianne Jacob.

Protests around the state, including one that took place in downtown San Diego on Thursday, have been held to protest the state cuts.

The state residents who rely on state-funded care said they don't know what they will do when the checks stop coming from Sacramento, which is what Jacob said would start happening on Friday. Jacob said the state will withhold cash payments to welfare and foster care recipients in San Diego County until a deal on a state budget is reached.

There is hope that a vote on the budget could take place as early as Friday; a tentative deal to solve the state's $42 billion budget shortfall was reached earlier this week. The plan involves borrowing $11 billion, increasing taxes by $14 billion and cutting $15 billion. Those proposed cuts would be seen and felt at a local level.

"If the state doesn't fund local programs, we have no choice but to cut them," Jacob said.

The current budget plan calls for steep cuts to education, among other areas.

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