San Diego Sends Fire Captain to Texas

SDFD is sending a few crew members to assist in the Texas wildfires

Texas Wildfires

The San Diego Fire Department will send Capt. Dave Gerboth to Texas on Thursday, Sept. 8 to assist in the overwhelming wildfire situation.

Gerboth will be part of an incident management team that will fight the massive blaze in Central Texas.

About 1,200 firefighters battled the blazes, including members of local departments from around the state and crews from such places as Utah, California, Arizona and Oregon, many of them arriving after Texas put out a call for help.

The disaster is blamed largely on Texas' yearlong drought, one of the most severe dry spells the state has ever seen. The fire in Bastrop County is the most devastating wildfire in Texas in more than a decade.

More than 1,200 homes have been destroyed and roughly 180 fires have erupted in the past week across the rain-starved Lone Star State.

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