San Diego Seals

San Diego Seals 1st Team to Play on an Active U.S. Marine Base

The National Lacrosse League team will host a regular season match at MCAS Miramar

Derek Togerson

Major League Baseball played a game at Fort Bragg. The NCAA played a basketball game on the deck of USS Carl Vinson at NAS North Island. Those are Army and Navy bases.
The San Diego Seals are christening ground with the United States Marines.

The Seals are going to play “The Rumble on the Runway,” a regular season National Lacrosse League game at MCAS Miramar. It will be the first professional sporting event ever played on an active U.S. Marine base. It’ll take place on February 22, 2020 against Vancouver. And it is not going to be a small undertaking.

On the flight line, just off the landing strip where several scenes of the film Top Gun were filmed, the Seals are going to build a temporary 5,500 seat arena. They’ll have 48 hours to put it up ... play the match ... and 48 hours to take it back down.

Seals season ticket holders and active duty Marines stationed at MCAS Miramar will be able to attend the historic event. If you’re among those who get to go make sure you bring ear plugs.

Flight operations will not stop for “The Rumble on the Runway.” And if you’ve ever been around a fighter jet taking off you know it will make things rumble.

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